Providing students with the chance to risk and grow artistically.

    Providing student artists with opportunities to risk and grow artistically, 

professionally, and interpersonally, the UNI Student Theatre Association strives to 

create a collaborative, non-critical environment in which young artists can 

explore and learn.

  ~ The UNISTA Board would like to  warmly welcome our new students! Keep a lookout for upcoming auditions and shows posted here, on Facebook, and on our board in the green room.

      ~ 2014-15 Season UNISTA Board has been chosen!
                       President: Olivia Frisch
                       VP: Madeline Achen
                       Secretary: Melia Beschta
                       Treasurer: Beth Hicks
                       Tech Coordinator: Karinne Graves
                       Publicity Rep: Alex Stickels

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